Apparel-printing options

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing

DTG printing is a method of garment decoration similar to how a regular printer reproduces a design onto a piece of computer paper. Rather than the ink settling on the surface of the fabric like in traditional screen-printing, DTG printing works by spraying ink that soaks into the fibers of the garment. This results in a design with a “soft feel” that many people prefer to the rigidity of traditionally screen-printed designs. DTG printed garments should not develop “cracks” the way screen-printed designs will, either.

With a DTG printer, even the most colorful, detailed designs can be produced with ease! Our printer has full CMYK capability, which means there is no limit to the number of colors it can print! Traditional screen-printing works best with few-color designs because each color requires its own unique screen. DTG printers can produce photorealistic designs with vivid color and intricate detail, without the requirement of creating multiple screens.

DTG printing is also an excellent choice for small-run orders. Due to the fact that no screens are necessary for this type of printing, there is no minimum order requirement for DTG printed orders! This also means there is less waste produced from DTG printing, since no screens are going to waste and no unnecessary garments are being produced to meet an order minimum.

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Heat Transfers

Heat transfers are created by printing a mirror-image of a design onto transfer paper using plastisol ink. This transfer is then applied directly to a garment using a heat press, similar to the way a temporary tattoo is applied with a wet paper towel.

Heat transfers are an excellent option for large orders, simple designs with few colors, and/or events where garments are made to order. Garments decorated with heat transfers are generally less expensive than garments created using a DTG printer. The value of these garments makes them a very popular choice for charity events; corporate retreats; sportswear; giveaway products; and high-turnover items, like work shirts used in a landscaping company or auto repair shop.

Heat transfers also make it easy to decorate garments on the spot. For example, let’s say six high school wrestling teams are coming together for a tournament. The coaches have decided to sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and jackets during the event, featuring the tournament logo and a list of the students’ names competing. The designs can be printed ahead of time on transfer paper and taken to the event, along with a heat press and a pre-selected inventory of plain garments. Individuals attending the tournament can approach the shop and select their favorite garment, color, and size from the inventory of blank items. The design can then be applied to their choice of garment in a matter of seconds by using the pre-made transfer and heat press. The coaches will not have to buy large quantities of each finished product up-front because they will be made to order on the spot. This saves the coaches a lot of money because they are only being charged for items they sold!

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