Linda Adams

Linda founded Stitchmasters over 15 years ago and, through hard work and perseverance, has watched it grow into the business it is today. She is well-versed in many different types of screen-printing and embroidery!

In her free time, Linda enjoys traveling to new places, entertaining guests at her home, and reading.

Patrick Adams
Production Manager

Patrick began his managing career in 2010 as a restaurant manager, but has helped with Stitchmasters his whole life. He now oversees all Stitchmasters production as well as the web development for our website.

In his free time, Patrick enjoys drawing, riding bicycles, and spending time outdoors with his son and his dogs.

Amanda Adams
Operations Manager

Amanda graduated with a degree in biochemistry from Virginia Tech, but found that she has a knack for business. She has been with Stitchmasters since 2018 and has helped turn it into a well-oiled machine!

In her free time, Amanda enjoys video games, sewing, and spending time outdoors with her son and her dogs.