meet the team

The People Who Want To Help Your Business Grow!

Linda Adams
Owner/Head of Ops

Linda began Stitchmasters 15 years ago. Today she oversees the company’s growth, operations, and day-to-day activities

John Adams
Chief Administrator

John is Stitchmasters Chief Administrator, handling finances, internal operations, as well as company direction

Patrick Adams
Marketing Manager

Patrick began his career in marketing in 2013. In 2017 he began handling Stitchmasters marketing efforts

Amanda Cook
Graphic Artist/Sales

Amanda is a skilled graphic artist and sales rep. A former Account Administrator, she has ample experience in sales and customer consultation


Screen-printing is an easy way to add your logo or company artwork to clothing and merchandise at relatively low costs. Want your brewery logo on pint glasses? Maybe you want affordable uniforms for your company staff? How about free shirts to the first 100 people who swing by your booth at the local event? Screen-printing gets your brand out for the world to see without breaking the bank.


Professional attire doesn’t need to be bland! Collard shirts, hats, jackets, and other outwear are perfect opportunities to make your brand known with the use of custom embroidery. Whether you’re attending a business conference; hosting/attending a inter-company event; or completing your day-to-day tasks at the office, you (and your staff) can maintain a clean professional look while presenting your brand to the world!

Team & Organization Gear:

Custom team & organization apparel, merchandise, and equipment has been the bread and butter of Stitchmasters since it began over fifteen years ago. Whether you need professional quality uniforms, branded merchandise, event apparel/items, or any other type of customized gear, Stitchmasters remains committed to providing the very best quality product for your organization at a price that works for you.